Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goat Birth

____Warning!!___These are graphic pictures of a goat giving birth!

Our little blue-eyed Bamboo Acres BP Princess Cruz had her first kidding Tuesday April 28th. She was very cooperative with the photo taking, so we thought we would share...

11:17 a.m.
"Hey! I'm having my babies today!"
The morning started out with lots of crying and laying down, getting back up, pawing...

11:37 a.m.
" I really think I need to push!"

11:41 a.m.
"Look! Isn't that the bubble?"
No, sweetie! It's just goo...we've still got a ways to go...

11:50 a.m.
"Whew! This is taking a long time. I think I need some comforting! Ahhh....Thanks Elsa!"

1:12 p.m.
"Ok, now it's serious! That is the bubble!!"

1:12 p.m.
The bubble bursts - the water breaks...

1:13 p.m.
Here it comes! Two little hooves and the tiny nose (see that little pink tongue?) But the legs are out a little too far so the shoulders are trying to come out with the head...and it doesn't fit! Poor Princess was crying for help so at this point I pushed the little hooves back a bit and helped ease the head out.

1:14 p.m.
The head makes it out...

1:15 p.m.
The first kid is born! A little black and brown doeling....
But wait! What is this?

1:16 p.m.
Another is right on the tail of the first!

1:17 p.m.
And number 2 is born! Wow! Two kids in two minutes. It's the fastest I've ever seen. The second kid is a black and white doeling.

1:24 p.m.
Nine minutes old and the first baby is already trying to stand. Her rear half is still covered in the amniotic sac, but she's not waiting for anything! She did get right up on all fours...and dropped back down again!

1:29 p.m.
Doeling one rests after her first big stand, mom is licking off number two.

1:52 p.m.
"Aren't my babies smart! Only 37 minutes old and they are both standing up and looking for the udder!"
Yes, Princess. They are lovely babies and you did a fine job with your first kidding!

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  1. Hello across the miles friend

    Your babies are gorgeous. What an education. We have never seen a goat give birth before. I am gald she had you caring for her while she was birthing. Do they make a noise? She looks so calm. Thank you for sharing this lovely post.

    Have a lovely week end
    Warm regards