Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready for the County Fair

Oh my gosh! Did I really just shave 11 goats?

Here they are all clean and tidy.

Ok, Mom! Let's go!

This is our sixth year showing our animals at the Maricopa County Fair. We started out with market lambs and pigmy goats, one year Jill even raised a pig! But for the past couple of years we have just shown dairy goats (and poultry, we always have a few chickens entered!) We love dairy goats, especially the Nigerian Dwarfs. The county fair show is really fun for the kids - I think because there are so many other kids there, and the rides, and the judges are usually very nice and helpful.

So come cheer us on tomorrow afternoon as we show our goats! We have most of the Nigerians there, it will be fun to see what the judge thinks of them!

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