Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ladybug's New Home

I couldn't resist posting this great picture of Ladybug!! (Mariposa's sister, Gidget's daughter) She was an "only goat" for a few days at her new home, and since she couldn't sleep in the house with her human kid friends, she roosted with the hens! She actually slept up there for a couple of nights! We are glad she has some goat friends now too, but as her new owner asks, does she think she's a goat, a human, or a chicken?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Merci's Spotted Triplets!!!

Here they are! Out of Fairywood Dark Chocolate and by Big Enuf SI Image of the Moon. Moonspotted doeling, moonspotted buckling, pinto buckling. And aren't they gorgeous!! We are so thrilled with these kids! They are everything we could have hoped for and more. I know they are brand new, but every one of them is put together just beautifully with nice wide escutcheons and really straight legs and toplines.
Here's the little pinto buckling. Isn't he adorable! He was hard to photograph as he is constantly moving!

And the moonspotted buckling. Also adorable! You can see his lovely stance in the picture at the top. He's the baby in the middle.

Here is our little moonspotted doe. She is just breathtaking! Tons of moonspots and beautiful dairy type too. Wow! Look at that escutcheon below!! She already knows she's a show goat!

The bucklings will both be for sale, but we are keeping the doeling, of course! How could we ever part with her?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fairywood IM Sugar Cookie

Here's a cute picture I took of Sugar Cookie the other day. She is such a sprightly little goat! Very friendly and curious. She slips through the gate of the "post-partum" pen right out in to the pasture with the big goats where she jumps and skips about until she's ready to nurse again. Then she slips back through to her mama. Angel was very disturbed by this at first, but now she just watches carefully and bleats softly to remind her baby where she is. We are loving this baby!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bamboo Acres BP Mariposa

This is a not so great picture I took today of Mariposa. She is such a pretty little goat, but didn't appreciate being clipped to the fence! I'm afraid the background is too noisy, but that's what it is right now... Mariposa is out of our blue-eyed doe Bamboo Acres LK Surfin Gidget. Her sire is Prairie Wood Banzai Pipeline. Both parents have strong champion Prairie Wood lines. Mariposa is the first blue-eyed goat born here, and she is Elsa's special goat! We are hoping to breed her to Glenda Smith's buck, "Zorro" this spring, and should have some lovely little blue-eyed babies in the fall.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Angel's New Baby

On Friday January 2nd Fairywood Angel Cake gave birth to Fairywood Sugar Cookie - a tiny little doeling! Her sire is our own buck, Image. This is our 3rd baby by Image, and so far we are quite happy! We are expecting Angel's sister Merci to have her kids any day now, hopefully soon as little Cookie is very playful and would love some little cousins to frolick with.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gidget's first kids

These are Gidgets first kids, twin does born May 25, 2008. They will be registered as Bamboo Acres BP Mariposa and Bamboo Acres BP Ladybug. Ladybug is sold and we are keeping blue-eyed Mariposa (she's the one standing).

Princess & Gidget

After our success at the county fair in 2008, Jill and I got very excited about developing a nice little herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. We began searching for a good buck, and came across these two lovely blue-eyed does. Both have strong breeding, and Gidget (the chamoisee) was bred to Princess's sire for May babies. These two does have amazingly wide escutcheons and are refined and elegant.

Fairywood Dark Chocolate

Known as "Merci", Fairywood Dark Chocolate is another of the triplets from Mocha's first freshening.

Fairywood Angel Cake

Fairywood Angel Cake 8 months old

Winning Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe at the Maricopa County Fair. April 2008
Angel Cake is from Mocha's first freshening. Her sire is Martin's Rockin' Elvis.

Mocha's Bucklings

On October 6, 2008 Mocha gave birth to twin bucklings. They are by Glenda Smith's buck, Shabby Chic Tequila Shooter.

Fairywood Max

Fairywood Moritz

We intend to wether these two little boys as we really don't want another buck right now, but they are really cute! We left them with their cute little horns, and in another month or so they will move across the street to live with our dear neighbors. What sweet little pasture pets they will be!

Prairie Wood Mocha Frapachino

Mocha's first freshening, August 23, 2007. Triplet Does!
About a month after weaning her first babies.

We think some very beautiful dairy goats have come from Prairie Wood Ranch in New Mexico. Our very first Nigerian Dwarf, Mocha, is one of those. We purchased her in April of 2005 from a darling FFA girl at the Maricopa County Fair. Mocha was just a young 7 month old doeling at the time, but had won Reserve Champion Junior Doe for the show. She was the only Nigerian, and won this up against all the big dairy breeds. We were so thrilled to bring her home and begin our adventure with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats!

Image's Inheritance

This is Image's Granddam, PGCH Enchanted Hill Moonflower *D.

This is the udder of Image's Dam, GMF Dark of the Moon 2*D.

Both of these does are owned by Good Measure Farm in Oklahoma.

Big Enuf SI Image of the Moon

I guess a good place to start this blog is with our buck. We just bought him May of '08 from Dotty Clark of DC Miniatures here in AZ. We were so excited about this cute little guy! He is so sweet and friendly, and we have been very happy with his kids so far. His breeding is of respectable quality, we are hoping he will pass on the beautiful udders of his dam and granddam. And just look at those moon spots!