Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ladybug's New Home

I couldn't resist posting this great picture of Ladybug!! (Mariposa's sister, Gidget's daughter) She was an "only goat" for a few days at her new home, and since she couldn't sleep in the house with her human kid friends, she roosted with the hens! She actually slept up there for a couple of nights! We are glad she has some goat friends now too, but as her new owner asks, does she think she's a goat, a human, or a chicken?


  1. This is hilarious! There must be some magazine that would publish this.

  2. Oh that is WAY funny! :)

    How many goats do you have?

  3. Mom - yeah, I should at least send it in to one of my goat club newsletters! LOL!

    Tammy - do you really want to know? Well, we have 5 "big" goats (4 LaMancha's and a Nubian) who's pictures I am working on getting posted, and as for the Nigerians, most of thier pictures are on here, but there are 16 right at this moment!! Some of those are babies, though, so aren't permanent! LOL! Really!